Saturday, August 7, 2010


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Ah, the triple play. One of the most exciting plays in baseball. Getting three outs in play is no simple task, and you don't get rewarded for turning one (outside of the end of a half inning), even if you do it unassisted like Phillies utility player Eric Bruntlett did last year:
Of course, here at Swagbucks we're giving you the opportunity to turn your own Triple Play, and we're going to reward you for it.

It's a lot easier that what Eric Bruntlett had to do, too:

Between Friday and Sunday earn 30 Swag Bucks from Searching (total), 30 Swag Bucks from Trusted Surveys (total) and 30 Swag Bucks from Special Offers (total). If you complete these three tasks by midnight on Sunday, we'll award you a bonus 33 Swag Bucks, which will be in your account by Wednesday, August 11th.

Go Get 'Em!

 If your not a member don't worry you can still join right now, just click HERE.
And if you don't know what Swag Bucks is it's a search engine just like google, except when you search on Swag Bucks you earn points.  With the points you can earn gift cards, prizes and lots more.  They also have a daily poll, blog and other offers to help you earn more points.

I am saving my points up to use for Christmas time.  
It's a great way to get extra gifts for the kids.

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