Thursday, July 8, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons You Make Lemon Aid Or Something Very Close To It Anyway.

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Hello everybody, I am so glad you were able to find your way here.  I am very sorry for the inconvenience of my normal site being down so long, but it is really beyond my control.  The latest news on my site is: I finally got an update late yesterday, here is what they said.: 
"Hi Laura,
I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time editing your site as well. I'm forwarding your request to our programmers to see if they can remove the broken element. We appreciate your patience.
Please let me know if I can be of further assistance and thank you for your support of Weebly!"

Well, since my website seems to be broken beyond fixing right now, I thought maybe I'd post some of my finds here.  I wish I would of thought of this sooner, but I guess at least I thought of it now.

As I promised here are some deals for you.

If you happen to be a huge See's Candy fan here's a discount on their famous candy:

See's Candies

See’s Summer SAVINGS are here! Now through the end of July our Facebook fans can choose their savings at See’s Candies.

Save $4 when you spend $40 at CLICK HERE
Save $2 when you spend $20 at a See’s shop: CLICK HERE

 CVS- $10 Off $50 + Free Shipping

Online Pharmacy for Prescription Drugs - CVS Pharmacy Drug Store * CVS- $10 Off $50 + Free Ship.Use Code- SUMMER10. Good Until July 11. You Need An account ,So Sign Up If Your New.



Panda Express is having,Experience Pandamonium with a Thai twist. Visit a Panda Express and get a FREE single entree serving of Thai Cashew Chicken Breast. This offer is good for one day only on Wednesday, 7/14 at participating locations. Get your coupon now!


Free Ziploc Back-To-School Gift Pack

First 10,000 to respond will receive a Ziploc® Back-to-School Gift Pack that includes Ziploc® Brand Sandwich Bags, Ziploc® Brand Containers with the Smart Snap™ Seal and Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags with the Smart Zip™ Seal.

Ziploc® Back-to-School Gift Pack! - Right@Home > Offers

If you like growing Roses, but hate all the trouble they give, here is a great list to help with that problem.

Easy to Grow Roses


Sean McCann, award-winning rose breeder, has narrowed down his favorite "best bests" for roses. His top picks are fragrant and beautiful, but also fuss-free and easy to grow.  

Latest Mosquito Protection

Have fun with your family, but make sure you keep those nasty mosquitoes away!  You need to always think safety for you and your family, plus you have to protect your pets too. 

Here is a great site to get the most up to date info on ways to keep them away and to see just how bad they are in your area.

CLICK HERE to check

Speaking of protecting your pets, please, please take care of your pets in this heat.  

It has been hotter then ever lately and your pets need you to protect them during this heat wave.  I made a HUGE mistake last Sunday.  It was very over cast and I thought since it wasn't sunny I'd take my dog for a walk in the middle of the day without her water bottle and without my phone.  I never leave without my phone, but since it was day, I thought I don't need it.  What a HUGE MISTAKE!  After walking for about 30 minutes, the sun was out full swing and my dog was panting like she was about to crock any minute.  Every time we would even get the skinniest  amount of shade she would stop and not want to move.  I felt so bad for her, and I kept trying to give her a drink from my water bottle, but she didn't under stand what I was trying to do.  I then started looking by buildings for a water spigot or hose anything to get some water into her.  Besides her panting, I had my new shoes on and they started to give me blisters and I too was starting to get super hot.  So now I was walking red face, blistered feet and a panting dog that was about to crock any minute.  I felt so bad for her, I finally came to a church where there was some shade and we sat there for about 15 minutes.  I finally found a spigot by a lawyers building, but it was still very hard to get her to drink that way.  I was able to wet her feet and legs, which if you don't know this is a great way to cool off dogs.  The vet says to wet their feet when they are over heated, it's kind of like how we wet our face.  

Here are a few products I found that are very good to keep you and your pet cool in the Summer heat.  Also remember your sun screen.  It takes like 20 minutes before it starts working so put it on 1/2 hour before going out and another good tip, when you think you have enough on, put a little more then that.  Doctors say we don't put enough sun screen on.  I am sure I am guilty of it myself.  I hate the way it feels so I am always trying different ones to find the best one that I can't feel.  My favorite for my face is Aveeno 30, it don't leave my face all  greasy feeling. 

Kool Collars for Dogs - RED KOOL COLLAR - LARGE shown here, but they have all sizes.  These are highly recommened by, lots of vets.  I've seen it on TV a few times now on shows and news.


Here's a cool band for you:

There are all types of colors and styles.

 Cool Bandanas less then $5! CLICK HERE

Here below is a pack of (4) for 1/2 price these are reuseable, and with (4) your family

could use them on vacation.


 HeatMax EverCool Cooling Bandanas. AMERICAN FLAG. Pack of 4 Bandanas - Reusable 


Keep your pet cool during dog days of summer

Your pooch can suffer from overheating, dehydration and sunburn this time of year. Dog behaviorist Tamar Geller explains precautions you can take:

Keep your pet cool Dogs are much less efficient at cooling themselves than people, so they are more susceptible to overheating. A dog’s normal body temperature is 100-102 degrees, and they have sweat glands on their nose and pads of their paws. They pant and drink water to cool down, so always have fresh, cool water available for your dog — whether on a walk, in the car or in a tip-proof bowl in the house or yard. If your dog is an outdoor dog, bring him inside during the hottest hours of the day, and provide a shaded area in the yard, preferably in a well-constructed doghouse, making sure he always has access to cool water, since the hot sun can quickly make water too hot to drink.

To read more on this story CLICK HERE




Sun Screen Safety 101

Best up today Sun protection for 2010.

Please check this site out and see what you may not know about sun protection.  With these record highs you have to be careful.  One more thing, I just thought of, if you happen to know of an elderly person living alone or even not alone anybody you think just may not have a fan or know how to take care of themselves, please step up and do what you can to help them.  We all need to look after one another, you'll feel so good and you could just save a life.

apps Sun protection to down-load on your phone now


If your coming with the little ones you may want to check here for coupons and things to do with the kids.  CLICK HERE

You can also enter to win a trip

Enter to Win a 3-Day, 2-Night Stay in New Orleans!

Come on and visit, we'd love to have you!

One more site that will give answer most of your question about New Orleans,

Experience New Orleans

Here is a great local deal called, Flavor Saver and it's only offered on Thursdays so grab it now.  1/2 price discount only good today until they run out for Boudraux's.  "An amazing place to eat, with huge servings. My favorite is, the crawfish pasta."

It's Garage Sale Time!

Are you needing to make some extra money? Ever thought about having a garage sale? Well I've had many and my last few I've sold stock pile items that I got from CVS, Walgreens and other stores.  I did great both times, the first time I listed in the paper that I had stock piles items and we had to hold the people back because they were lined up outside my front and side gate trying to push in before time, I swear this is a true story, we couldn't believe it.  Well I just found another great place to list your garage sale and to find them too.  It's free and it list the whole USA. 

CLICK HERE to check it out.


Free Hood sour cream -coupon

I have to go to the doctor so I better run, now.

I hope everybody has a great day!


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