Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to save Up at least $25 off Skechers Shape Ups Toning and Conditioning Shoes.

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 How to save Up at least $25 off Skechers Shape Ups Toning and Conditioning Shoes.

Save money while getting a better butt!  I went looking for these new shoes that are suppose to make your butt look FABULOUS!  For some reason my fiance wanted a pair of these which to me they seem more for women then men plus his butt already looks FABULOUS! What's he trying to prove anyway?

Since his birthday was coming I though okay I'll go ahead and look for these ugly looking shoes he keeps talking about.  I started pricing them and everybody had them for at least $100!  Wow that's a lot of money for ugly shoes, I though, except I remembered how much Uggs sell for. Um maybe the uglier the shoe the more expensive now a days?

Since I do have a blog about saving money, (Smart Moms Saving Money Dot Com)  I couldn't be caught dead paying $100 or more for these Ugly shoes.  I though about maybe wearing a disguise and going to buy them, but that sound like a lot of work.  Then I remembered this Sports store, Sports Authority,  that always has coupons out and they sell Skechers too.  I hurried and did a Swag bucks (swag bucks is just like Google except you win points which get you gift cards plus prizes, I won 14 bucks just looking for this, I LOVE it!) search and sure enough there came up coupons and codes for the store.  Except they were all expired, already.  Then I read if you asked for e-mails to be sent from the store you'd get a $25 off of $100 code to use on-line and a printable coupon to bring to the store so you had a choose to either use it on-line or off. 

To my surprise when I went to Sports Authority, and searched for Skechers Shape Ups, there was a $25 off the regular price which is $109.99 at this store.  I've looked all around and this seems to be about the going price.  They also had a deal going on that if you purchased any shoes over $39.99 you'd get FREE shipping so I was in luck!  I could take advantage of both deals.  Just then I remembered I didn't go through Upromise it's a site that saves you money on almost all on-line shopping stores.  Besides saving you money at the store you also get a percentage back which goes in your account and you can save it towards your college or your children's college education.  "that's what I am doing"  You don't have to do that you can just take the money out if you would rather too.

Okay, back to the shoes! I seen Upromise had a coupon I could use for 15% off total purchase, but it couldn't be combine with any other deal so I passed on their coupon, but I still went through them to Sports Authority, because I would get 4% back from my purchase! :)

So I went to Sports Authority picked out a pair of Men's Sketchers and after putting them in my cart and totally out I ended up playing only $89.99!  No sales tax, no shipping cost and I got $25 off.  I ended up saving $25 for the shoes, $6.99 for shipping and almost $10 with not having to pay tax, get 4% back on total, plus I still have my $25 coupon that I got in my e-mail.  I don't have to use it until later since the shoes were on-sale already.
Now I don't know how long these shoes are on-sale, but I did just go yesterday April 27Th so most likely it's until Saturday.  Good luck getting a better butt and better price! :)

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