Monday, February 8, 2010

I Started A New Website!

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I started a new website   Smart Moms Saving Money
I will continue to keep adding things on this blog, but I wasn't able to add all the things I wanted to in this small space so I started a website where I can have a lot of money saving information all in one place.  Please come on by, Smart Moms Saving Money and check it out you'll find lots of ways to save.

I am also still documenting my back surgery. I am only one week out of having a Spinal Cord Stimulator put into my back.  I am still very sore and not able to say if it's helped or not, but I will be posting all the up and downs of having this done and let you know EVERYTHING I can about this surgery.  It's not been around very long and if you or anybody you know may be thinking about having this done or may need this done you might want to check it out, because beside my own personal information I am trying to add other info too.  Lots of pictures included too! Documenting My Back Surgeries

Thank you for reading I hope to meet you soon.
God Bless,

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