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  Please, please take this pledge, READ THIS! I took the Pledge and I want you too also take it. Iwant to help push the message for others to also take the pledge and get you to push the message to everybody you know. I know many of us think it's no big deal and that we can handle texting and driving, but I am here to tell you we can't! Test have been done and they show we can't! They say Texting While Driving is The Same as Drinking 4 Drinks and Getting Behind The Wheel. Please STOP TODAY! Take the pledge, today!

"I took the PLEDGE this morning, and I PROMISE I WILL NOT EVER TEXT AND DRIVE!"
I must admit I've always, always felt that this was a bad thing and we should NEVER do it, but even though I hate it I have to admit I too have looked to see who is texting me or what they said while driving.  I WILL NOT do this anymore, I promise.  I am guilty of texting at red lights and if I wasn't done when the light turned green I may still be pushing send as I drive off or even texting the work OK without looking.  I am guilty of this even though I HATE, the idea of driving and Texting.  I know, how dumb is that? Very dumb!  I am no better or doing much better then a person that texts and drives all the time.  I Pledge and promise right now that I will NOT look at my phone or touch my phone while driving EVER AGAIN. 

Please do the same if you too, aren't texting and driving much, but maybe just a little like I was, it's not good, and it's not right.  You could injury someone or even worse KILL someone! You can't fix a mistake like that  it's just not worth it.  As I sit here in major pain from having another back surgery yesterday, I can tell you even though my injury isn't from a car or from someone texting I can tell you how much life I miss out on due to being daily pain.  I wouldn't wish this on anybody, so please, please don't take the risk or injurying yourself or anybody else. 

  Now go to Oprah's page and take the PLEDGE and then have everybody you know take the pledge too or at least stress to them how important this is.  And parents, remember you are a role model to your kids. Another thing, if you tell your kids not to text and drive, but you do it, they will too.  Our kids are like sponges, you know this just think back, and you'll come up with a few different things your kids do just like mommy or daddy, all from watching you.  Pledge today Mom & Dad!

Thank you and God Bless!

Look What Happend To Sarah, in Georgia
You can Read her story HERE Thank God, she is still alive, to share her story.

Distracted Driving

At the U.S. Department of Transportation, we heard America’s call to end the dangerous practice of distracted driving on our nation’s roadways. Distracted driving is a serious, life-threatening practice and we will not rest until we stop it.

We are leading the effort but you are the key to preventing distracted driving. The message is simple – Put it down!

We will work across the spectrum with private and public entities as well as advocacy groups to tackle distracted driving, and, we will lead by example. We have taken first steps -- The President’s Executive Order has established a new way to approach driving – by putting your device down and paying attention to the task at hand.

  Internally, the department’s agencies are already working together to share knowledge and promote a greater understanding of the issue, and identify additional strategies to end distracted driving. Check back to this site often so you can stay abreast of our progress and to view the latest updates and information.

A Mother Was Killed By Another Driver Distracted With His/Her Cellphone
The person who was talking on their phone, and Blazed through a RED LIGHT
has never been charged with this crime. 
Read the Whole Story HERE!

HERE is a lot of information on this subject on OPRAH'S Site Click HERE

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I will be updating it today with the lastes pictures from my surgery yesterday.

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